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SketchSHE Girls


Audacious. Inventive. Endearing. Notwithstanding the horsepower of their car videos, SketchSHE isn't simply a one-trick pony. As the troupe's name implies, their meat-and-potatoes is sketch comedy, taking aim at the human condition and life's absurdities with cheeky aplomb. Fuelled by a natural chemistry among its young members, SketchSHE is guided by a shared love of pop culture and music, wacky characters and witty repartee. And while occasionally their humour can tilt edgy, even a bit naughty, the driving force is a positve vibe mixed with trademark Aussie humour: refreshingly honest and rarely taking themselves too seriously.

Shae-Lee Shackleford

Shae-Lee Shackleford is an Australian actress, director and writer. With a background as a professional producer in Australia, Shae-Lee now combines expertise in writing, directing and producing to the troupe's comedic work. She has also written and directed a number of successful short films. Trained at the Australian Acting Academy and NIDA then later receiving a more concentrated acting education at Margie Haber Studio in Los Angeles


Lana Kington

The youngest of the threesome, Lana is a television host and rising comedic actress. With an admitted penchant for "wicked" comedy, she's a facile writer and pop culture guru who helps keep their material current and relatable. Lana was raised with her three brothers in Biloela, a coal mining town in central Queensland. Leveraging her camera-friendly looks and upbeat personality into acting and presenting gigs, Lana has worked for MTV and Foxtel, appearing in consumer product commercials and also honing her journalism chops as a writer for Maxim, Music Feeds and DJ magazines.


Madison Lloyd

As a native of Melbourne, Australia who later moved to Sydney with her family, Maddy was a "chatty kid" who took after her father, "a big, loud personality." Maddy steadily got involved in the modeling world whilst completing a university degree in Media and Communications/Journalism. For the last seven years she has honed her skills in a series of commercials and ads. As a professional model she has developed a sense of comfort in front of the camera and a love of costumes, make-up and character development. Maddy's writing skills are fueled by a passion for language and a flair for comedy.

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